Watches I considered in 2023 but ultimately decided against

I hadn't paid much attention to Tudor before due to my dislike for snowflake hands (it did grow on me eventually after I got my BB54). Hence, I was drawn to the Ranger. My chance encounter with Tudor came when there was a pop-up exhibition on Tudor's Ranger. Although it's under 40mm, it wears a bit big, possibly due to excess empty space. Though I did received a call from the AD shortly after, I opted not to purchase it, expressing interest in the BB54 instead, which I'm fortunate to have acquired. I still liked the Ranger; I just wished it was in 38mm and probably with a smiley Tudor.


Next was Undone, largely disappointing. I was searching for a fun watch with moving hands and character, I found the crown to be too loose. The accompanying strap wasn't ideal, and although it's a simple fix I can handle, I found the watch overpriced for its relatively simple movement. Frankly, while the character hands looked nice and were sure to spark conversations, ironically, telling the time was challenging.


I was impressed by Bulova's Precisionist and its ability to achieve sweeping seconds with quartz. Saw a couple of pictures of it on other watch enthusiasts' wrists and really liked its overall appearance. Was quite lucky to have the opportunity to see it in person during my trip and tried it. However, further research made me realize that the battery life is affected due to the sweeping capability. Also, the thickness. It鈥檚 close to 13mm which was the reason why I sold off my Seiko Speedtimer.


Lastly, with my flight delayed for an hour, I found myself wandering into the DFS. I've always been keeping tabs on the GS spring drive Sakura Spring Cherry Blossum/ Shunbun as I was on the lookout for a pink/salmon dial but wanted something subtle unlike the likes of Rolex OP / tag Heuer kind of pink. (Also, wanted to admire the spring drive movement) I got to admit that Grand Seiko did well with the dial, and, frankly, the salesperson made me a very attractive offer. Still a no, as I couldn't live with the bracelet. I honestly think that GS can do much better with a micro-adjustment bracelet and perhaps towards a smaller diameter dial since they are dress watch style.


Well, so that's it, watches I considered but ultimately decided against, each sharing a brief moment with me.


Same with me for the Ranger. Loved it online, but disappointed in the metal. Dial felt too flat & didn't seem premium enough. Wouldn't say I've completely ruled it out tho...


Same with me for the Ranger. Loved it online, but disappointed in the metal. Dial felt too flat & didn't seem premium enough. Wouldn't say I've completely ruled it out tho...

Exactly the same for me. I wanted to like it so much haha

So funny you said about not liking the snowflake hands. Same with me, and I bought the BB54, too, and it鈥檚 grown on me.

I am drawn to the simplicity of the Ranger, but haven鈥檛 yet tried on. I have a feeling it鈥檒l seem big also. I鈥檝e been getting more into the 36mm sizes anyway. No need to rush it!

As about effing time put it, Undone can get f*cked

For me it was a quite a few. Wise ad8 is incredible and probably will eventually be my next purchase. Its stunning but I already have more than enough watches imo

San martin gmt wave dial looks kinda cool but I'd probably never wear it plus it's tall. Very cool watch tho, came so close to buying it

Cw 12 nearly got me with the hype, but in hindsight it's not for me. Tg they didn't have a black dial or I'd have gotten one for sure