Review of (arguably) the first GMT. The AIRMAN

This is my first review, so please be kind. 5 years ago, the Glycine Airman was my first automatic piece, and this one is the kind of watch that any picture of it won't do justice to its amazing looks.

I wanted to start collecting by getting a watch that would give me everything, and it did. The Airman has the looks and has the roughness, but what amazed me the most was the high quality.

By that time, I didn't know what Glycine was and the history behind it, I just knew Omega, Rolex, Tissot, etc. So I chose this model entirely by the looks, I didn't care much for the brand.

The first impression is always the most important and it didn't disappoint. When I opened the box, this phrase was the only thing in my mind:


I was blown away. The watch screamed for war, it screamed for risky tasks and obstacles, it seemed it needed to be fed by missions and objectives.

Everytime you have this model in your hands you won't be able to ignore 2 things: The quality of the materials and... the lume.

The Airman is definitely the Lume King, there's just no competition. I've seen other watches with a full-lume dial, but they don't get even near to this one.

This watch is iconic, and I didn't knew that before hand, its history is amazing but I won't go through it as I think it deserves a whole post.

Now specs-wise, this model combines a Swiss GMT/four-hand layout with a lockable 24hr bezel for tracking an additional timezone. The Airman is a good-weird watch regarding its size. Its a 42mm that feels like a 40 or 39 sometimes. You could use it with a nato, canvas or leather strap, easily. Just forget to use with a bracelet, ever. This is not the watch for it.

If the lume, the looks, the toughness and awesome design of the watch wasn't enough, this watch has an all-black movement on the inside, (the only one I have ever seen) which you can admire with an open caseback. The war plane image on the rotor was just a slap on the face to other brands that are more expensive and yet won't decorate their movements.

The Airman is an absolutely amazing watch, whether you like aviation history or not, this piece is one you can't ignore.

Review of (arguably) the first GMT. The AIRMAN

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  • Lume
  • Design
  • All black movement
  • GMT
  • Resistance
  • I wish it was 2mm smaller

The Airman is super cool and with the 24 hour dial very unique.

You might want to add "purist" Airman at some point. The Airman 18 purist is 39mm.

Great review. I'm also an Airman fan. Here's mine


Great review. I'm also an Airman fan. Here's mine


Love it! Congrats man.

Excellent watches for the price. In fact, I have an Airman 42 for sale.