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How do you pronounce Longines

It's all in the title. Longines is some Swiss watch brand with marginal dispute over name pronunciation.
726 votes ·

I Hate to Ask…

I hate to be gross, but I got into an argument with my wife yesterday and now I’m wondering if I’m crazy… Whenever I go to the bathroom, I take my watch off. I suppose I’m a bit OCD when it comes to b...
629 votes ·

What would do if you won a dive watch?

Let's pretend you won a raffle. Your prize is a new dive watch. Cool right. Now you have to pick your prize. You have to pick one of these 4 models. The Rolex Submariner, the GO SeaQ, the JLC Polaris...
745 votes ·

Which Pilot's watch would you pick? (IF i could get another watch i'm looking to get a german pilot's watch)

If i nag my wife enough, i MAY still be able to get another watch. I'm planning to get a flieger from germany because i do not yet own a flieger nor a german watch. In my research i have found that th...
591 votes ·

Your preference

Good morning, different watch enthusiasts and collectors have different ways of going about getting their watches and building their collection. Some are based on finances, others are based on the ava...
861 votes ·

Who does it better?

This is an endless debate. So let put it to an end WC. What is the best Chronograph? Is it the Speedmaster with the space history, the Daytona with the cool factor or the El Primero with the movement?...
713 votes ·

How Do You Feel about the Trend towards Smaller Watches?

I am sure we are all aware of the seemingly ubiquitous buzz about the latest trend towards smaller watches. It should be fairly obvious from the pictures how I feel about it (Yay!), but I am curious h...
711 votes ·

Is an explorer worth it?

I have been going back and forth between a Rolex explorer and the price for that watch and all the trouble of buying a Rolex vs the Tudor ranger. much better price and I could get one tomorrow. As a t...
474 votes ·

Budget Divers: Which would you pick?

Alrighty folks, here's my big confession: I own neither a diver, nor an automatic. *GASP* Ok, so I don't spend a lot on watches right now, and have been eyeballin' both the Casio Duro (though I strugg...
533 votes ·