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playboyheafner ·

Islander GMT This Year

Also seems like Marc’s first use of a Swiss automatic movement. Interesting for sure!
10 32
playboyheafner ·

Closest to Tiffany Blue I’m Getting

I recall seeing the black and purple dial first and was amazed at how great it looked. Then I saw Marc was using a Miyota for this diver and was like...
5 36
playboyheafner ·

Tie Breaker: Lange vs. JLC

Lange & JLC tied in a previous poll on who should be in the holy trinity. Who would you guys choose if you had to pick one? Comment below if you have strong opinions on why. Should a German company be...
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playboyheafner commented on Islander GMT This Year ·

Yeah that definitely played a big part. But he was getting to 15mm thick which is a little ridiculous even for a NH😅. 

playboyheafner commented on Islander GMT This Year ·

The only thing I worry about the Islander GMT is that it’ll be too thick. Marc likes to make his watches nice and thick lol. The Hyperion is 8.7mm thick with a 2mm domed crystal. That’s insane dimensions. Decisions decisions. & You’re right probably an ameriquartz chrono

playboyheafner commented on Closest to Tiffany Blue I’m Getting ·

I post the here on WatchCrunch. They’re on my page‘s Review tab. By no means a professional or experienced, I just like to share my experience with others so hopefully it’ll help them decide if they‘d be interested. 

playboyheafner commented on Islander GMT This Year ·

Yeah I wonder what design style they’ll go for. I think I’ll be getting a Lorier Hyperion but we’ll see. & Yeah a chrono would be interesting, I’m curious about if it’ll be Quartz, Meca Quartz, or Mechanical. 

playboyheafner commented on New Islander Northport ·

Damn I hope I like my seafoam green and white one better when it comes in😅 Because the one you have is NICE and was my second option. 

playboyheafner commented on Your Collection: Big Brands or Micros ·

Interesting points and ideas. I’ll definitely put a poll up this week in relation to the topic if you don’t end up already having one up!

playboyheafner commented on The One Watch Challenge: Why are you in or out? ·

My reasons for opting out were 

1. I felt like 2 weeks was a good milestone for myself 

2. The ability to wear another watch after 8 hours made me feel like it would prolong the competition to insane lengths

3. Like you said, the shirt wasn’t worth it😂

4. It felt like a chore

I could keep going but that’s enough😂 

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playboyheafner ·

Your Collection: Big Brands or Micros

Would you say your collection consists more of big brands (Casio, Timex, Hamilton, Tissot, Seiko, Oris, Omega, Rolex, etc.) or Micros/Independents (Bertucci, Boldr, Islander, RZE, Zelos, CWard, Farer,...
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playboyheafner ·

At least watch the intro😂

@benswatchclub Ben always did manage to be pretty comedic with his skits.
2 38
playboyheafner ·

Your Neighborhood Deal Lookout🫡

Back at it again with Avi-8 25% off at
0 18
playboyheafner ·

Best in the Seiko 5 GMT line?

1 22
playboyheafner ·

Purple Dial Islander

@HotWatchChick69 made a post talking about purple dials. I’m not going to lie, I think I’m liking this one that’s about to come out from Islander. I b...
5 156
playboyheafner ·

Holy Trinity Replacement

Who belongs in the Holy Trinity?
10 441
playboyheafner ·

Your Local Deal Plug

If anybody likes Spinnaker. Have to hop on that Island Watch newsletter. Especially around Black Friday time.
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