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piloot ·

citizen promasters: which dial do you like more?

if you have only two dials, which one you would choose? pmd56 or bn0118? also do you use date/day complications?
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my next watch

i'm looking for a watch with these requirements: function: hours, minutes, seconds minimalist sterile dial, legible day and night (full lume or backli...
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how do you feel about g-shock?

do you have any strong feelings about g-shocks? or you don't care? or somewhere in between? if you own one what is it? if you own many what is your favorite? if you want to buy one, which one? and why...
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piloot commented on my next watch ·

love it! thank you

piloot commented on Which G Shocks SHOULD you get ? ·

5610 of course

piloot commented on my next watch ·

spring drive is beautiful

piloot commented on What are your most worn watches from your collection? ·

according to my #wrum posts—laco venedig is the most wearable

piloot commented on New to this hobby ·

welcome aboard! cool collection 😎

sinn 556ir is my favorite 😍

piloot commented on What Three Watches Would YOU Choose? ·

i voted c (field, beater, dress)... but can i give the dress watch away? 😊

piloot commented on Longines Heritage Military 1938. What is your favorite military watch? ·

laco venedig

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piloot ·

where do you usually buy watches?

do you buy online? do you go to brick-and-mortar shop? do you buy used or only new watches?
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how many days did you spend researching of your last watch?

how long did you think before pulling the trigger? also how do you keep your wishlist?
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piloot ·

sunny day

hey hey 👋 today is a sunny day i could not resist to post laco venedig full lume dial again. love this watch ❤ after a few seconds in the sunlight it...
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piloot ·

sound of laco venedig (sw200 movement)

volume up and listen 😎
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piloot ·

ar coating on laco venedig

i am very happy with anti reflection coating on both sides of the crystal. the dial is visible at any angle in the brightest sun. i was hesitant befor...
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two watches, one iphone extension, a few spare straps
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g-shock adapters for 22 mm strap

tested two g-shock adapters for 22 mm strap: barton ❌ doesn't fit my 5610 impossible to install 14 g 14 usd jaysandkays ✅ fits 5610 well easy to insta...
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