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Import Taxes into UK & Chrono24

Has anyone had any experience of purchasing a watch on Chrono24 and importing into the UK from a Japanese seller? I'd be very interested to hear your...
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Strap ideas for GS SBGN003

Hi Folks, I’m toying with the idea of a strap for this beauty and think a black leather with orange stitching may look nice. Interested to see any exa...
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I love this place!

I fell out of love with social media a while back and haven't posted on FB, LI, IG or anything else for ages. The platforms can be so toxic and vacuou...
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peterlewis commented on Not really “half links”on a GS bracelet ·

Glad you have found the right fit after so much effort and thanks for sharing. I'm lucky I guess, as it's only taken the removal of four full links to size all my GS bracelets and to get the perfect fit. I would love to see a micro adjustment on their bracelets, but then again, how do you improve on what is perfection?! (Yep, GS fanboy right here 😍)

peterlewis commented on why doesn't Grand Seiko do complications? ·

I guess because they don't need to and it doesn't fit their design language, style and niche. No idea for sure, but what they do, they do exceptionally well and I for one am in love with Grand Seiko ❤

peterlewis commented on When you get a massive scratch on your watch, what do you do? ·

First time I showed my best mate my new Rolex Air King 116900, he promptly dropped it! Thankfully it only fell a few inches onto a wooden table top. Since then, I have been very careful about who I take my watches off the wrist for.

peterlewis commented on GS Bond St Karesansui ·

Thank you!

peterlewis commented on GS Bond St Karesansui ·

Can’t wait to visit the new store, sounds great and definitely a better location IMO.

peterlewis commented on About Effin Time ·

There’s definitely room for this kind of show in and amongst all the other review channels etc. I like their style and think it’s an easy listen and some amusing entertainment.

peterlewis commented on I love GS, but all these LE is a bit too much lately ·

I don’t have a problem with it. I recently bought a LE GS (SBGP015) and love it. In fact it was this LE run that caught my attention and dragged me away from the piece I thought I was hankering for. So yes, they can throw you a curve ball and maybe thats their genius.

Or maybe I’m just a total GS fanboy and they can do no wrong. 

I suspect the latter 😂