NWA (sort of)!!

Hello Crunchers! I once posted a watch inspired by a guitar about a month ago. (Photos above!)


I wrote in that post that it needs to get serviced, but I failed. It costs way more than I anticipated, and they added a nail to the coffin by saying that they can't guarantee any WR after service.

So I decided not to get serviced and put it into my drawer-of-shame, justifying myself by saying "I paid my tuition fee to be more careful when I buy a used one."

However, on a whim, I decided to give it a chance. It's not in good condition but it runs fairly well, and heck, I have nothing to lose even if it collapses after a few uses. So I bought a leather strap and put it on today. (The metal bracelet didn't fit my arm!) Here are photos of the watch!


(Also catching 10:10)

It's an Orient Star Retro Future Guitar model with a red dial. I wrote a few features in another post but I will reiterate here:

  • 12 o'clock index is a guitar pick.

  • Crown guard looks like a guitar headgear.

  • Bezel ring contains famous music festival locations. (Don't know if it functions as GMT)

  • Second hand is a guitar whammy bar

  • Power reserve index at 1 o'clock looks like a guitar switch tip.

  • Crowns resemble guitar nobs.

  • Open heart & rectangular see-through back.


I'm now in grad school so I'm away from music life, but I still consider myself an amateur musician. I used to play (red) bass and acoustic guitar in many bands so it fits perfectly for me!

I bought a matching red leather strap to keep it unique. The problem is now I want it - a pristine one - even more haha. This piece is almost perfect if it doesn't have big scratches on the glass.


Luckily I live in Japan so it's not that hard to find a new one but I'm out of budget now so it will have to wait!

And I will share more detailed specs later!

What do you guys think of this watch? Is it too quirky, or a looker?


Utterly ridiculous..

.. love it 😄👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻