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I absolutely love this Seamaster I found in my attic.. what do you guys think?

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omega_fan63 commented on Rolex vs Omega ·

Omega are the underdog of the two but for the money, they beat Rolex all day. Rolex are just over-hyped toolwatches. They’re good, but not as good as their fanboys make them out to be

omega_fan63 commented on What do you think about Tissot? ·

I recenty bought a Powermatic and it has to be one of the best value propositions I've ever bought. The movement is super accurate and for the money the level of quality is superb. It's no Rolex but its not as far off as the price tag would suggest

omega_fan63 commented on Glycine any good? ·

Im not a big fan of them to be honest. I think they are a bit too expensive for what they are. Their cheaper stuff is more competitive than their expensive stuff

omega_fan63 commented on One watch collection ·

My Seamaster Aqua terra is the ultimate one watch collection. Its got a chronohraph, 150m w/r and a gmt function. Its on leather though, so it might not be up yor street but for me, who always wears formally for work, its an incredible piece to own.

omega_fan63 commented on Alternative to Zenith ·

Omega makes some nice Chronometers at sub $4k. The Deville or a Speedmaster with a similar power reserve would give you great value.

omega_fan63 commented on Best bang for buck ·

If we consider the gray market prices for some watches my nomination would have to be Omega. They have watches that are just as good, if not better than Rolex (their modern stuff) and are a fraction of the price. Even if you pay retail you can actually walk in and buy the watch without waiting.

omega_fan63 commented on What is the most robust movement in the world? ·

I think if you objectively examine robustness then it has to be a movement with a great shock absorption system, has silicon whereever it can and is heavily anti-magnetic. Otherwise, it isn't robust. I think Omega have a lot of in-house movements that fit the bill. They do go through the METAS certification, and they made the watch that was picked to go to the moon because it was the only watch to survive NASA’s tests