Good advice for buying a watch

Watches.of.Espionage ♠️ on Instagram: "Advice for Buying a Watch (Link in Bio) The most common question we get is “What should I buy for my first watch?” Instead of giving you the answer, this week we walk through some steps on how to think about buying a watch or expanding your collection. -Buy what makes you happy; no one else cares what you are wearing and 99.9% of people will not notice the watch you have on your wrist. (This one is cliché but it’s entirely true.) -Buy the watch you can afford. You won't be happy if you spend more than you can afford. “Buyer’s remorse” is real and can undermine the sense of satisfaction from wearing the watch. DO NOT FINANCE YOUR WATCH. -Don't buy for investment. Your watch may appreciate in value, but buy with the expectation you will wear it until you die (and a loved one will wear it after you die). That’s not what they’re made for, and treating a watch like a financial instrument takes away something from the passion. -When in doubt, stick with a known brand: Seiko, Sinn, Rolex, Breitling, Omega, Tudor, JLC, IWC, Bremont, Patek, etc. -Buy the seller and build a relationship with that person. If the deal looks too good to be true, it probably is. -Take your time. Do your research. Even if you have the money to buy the watch you want right away, spend time learning about the different variations and history of the reference or brand. As a closing remark, don't feel like you need a "luxury watch," a ~$500 watch can be just as meaningful as a $5,000 watch. As we have said many times, the man makes the watch, not the other way around. -W.O.E."

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For the uninitiated, here is the best advice for buying a watch.


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