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mpower5266 ·

Funky watch Friday....

Anyone else rocking some funk from the 60-70's today? IG:southern_watch
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mpower5266 ·

Summer strap help?

For some reason, I have been wanting to wear something gold this summer. Rather than buying something else, I am thinking I could wear my grandfather'...
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mpower5266 ·

Finally back from service, almost one year later.

This was my first experience having a watch serviced and it started off pretty rough, but eventually ended on a good note. I dropped my LeJour off at...
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Recent Comments

mpower5266 commented on Considerations on the new Oris Propilot X ·

I haven't had one in hand but it seems really plain for the money. 

mpower5266 commented on NATO Strap ·

If you want a plain color, (grey, green,black, etc etc) I really like the UTE(formerly Toxic natos) straps from Hodinkee.  

mpower5266 commented on Summer strap help? ·

Sadly, I cant drink that bottle.  I went to a Derby party a few years ago that had a fund raiser silent auction.  I had a few too many mint juleps and won this bottle that was signed by a winning trainer.  Haha.  

mpower5266 commented on What's the worst logo (on the dial)? ·

The name is okay but logo seems really out of place. 

mpower5266 commented on What's the worst logo (on the dial)? ·

There are ton of mushroom brands with horrid logos and names, but as for mainstream watches.....Orient. 

mpower5266 commented on Summer strap help? ·

Same here.  I love bourbon a little too much sometimes.  Haha. 

mpower5266 commented on Summer strap help? ·

Ill check those out! 

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mpower5266 ·

Summer watches.

What is going to be your go to watch this summer? I am thinking that I am going to try to wear my Gen 1 Monster more often, I might even mod it with a...
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mpower5266 ·

Just a quick snap of my 58.

I have had this thing almost a year and while it doesn't get wrist time like it used to, its still probably my favorite watch. Whats the favorite in y...
14 381
mpower5266 ·

Mondays call for caffeine.

It seems like every decent watch instagramer uses coffee and coffee beans as a prop. I don't get it, but if you cant beat em, join em. IG:southern_wat...
56 387
mpower5266 ·

Caual Friday desk dive.

Just a few more hours and the long weekend begins. Who else is stuck at work right now? IG:southern_watch
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mpower5266 ·

When the honeymoon ends.

I have had this Sinn 556a for a little over a year. It was my first "luxury" watch buy and it was glued to my wrist for months. Since then I have adde...
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mpower5266 ·


After months of looking at the SPB143, one popped up on WUS that I couldn't pass up. This thing is nice...very nice. I haven't tried the bracelet yet,...
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mpower5266 ·

Is my logic flawed?

I want a Seiko Spb143, pretty bad. I have been stalking the forums, watching youtube reviews, and checking out #spb143 on insta. I think they are grea...
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