Vintage Seiko Diver Run-Off (Part 1)

Over the next few days we鈥檒l do a series of head to head vintage Seiko diver run-offs. Today we start in the 1960s.

1) The first Seiko dive watch, the 6217-8000/1, aka the 62MAS. This example is an 8001 from 1966, the big crown version (unfortunately I don't have a 8000, small crown, to display). Some will say this skin diver case is a knock-off of the Blancpain Bathyscaphe, and they may have a point, but we can all probably agree that Seiko did it better. 150m of water resistance, no hand winding, no second hand hacking, but it does have a quick set date, in a design that Seiko still leans on pretty hard even today.

2) The 6159-7000/1, one of the few Seiko divers without a cool nickname. It replaced the 6215-7000, same case, somewhat different indices, very different movement. This example is a 7000 from 1968, it was Seiko鈥檚 move into professional dive watches. 300m of water resistance, screw-down crown at 4 o鈥檆lock, and a high-beat movement running at 36,000 vpm / 5Hz with hand winding, second hand hacking, and quick set date. Unfortunately it only had a two year production run as some Japanese saturation divers reported issues with the crystal popping off during decompression. Elements of this design (dial and case) are seen in many modern Seikos, with the Marinemaster 300 being its modern reinterpretation.

Both of these guys have been retired from diving for a long time, so they get to wear some comfy leather NATOs.

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I vote for the Seiko 8000/1 just be warned. My vote strictly is on aesthetics only cause I鈥檓 just that type of guy I guess thanks for sharing with us. Have a happy Friday and a lovely weekend.

Both fantastic watches. But it has to be the 300m hi beat for me.

Noted, neither the 6215-7000/1 nor the 6159-7000/1 have nicknames. Why is this... Are they just too cool? Or maybe a little too obscure for the average Seiko fan?

Both crackers - but I went for the softer case lines and added WR of the later watch.