State of the collection after about 6 years!

Started with my first automatic back in 2018, but had a few quartz's here and there before then. Not looked back since!

Watch List

For the automatics, I'll go in order of acquisition:

  1. Longines Hydroconquest (L3.742.4.56.6) - [2018] My first automatic watch gifted to me by my father who wanted to get me into watches, safe to say it worked.

  2. Seiko SARB033 - [2018] My first choice of an automatic watch, however gifted to me by my mother.

  3. Glycine Combat Sub "Golden Eye" (GL0093) - [2019] A reward to celebrate a work achievement and my first automatic watch purchase!

  4. Orient Bambino 4 (FAC08003A0) - [2020] Another watch to celebrate a work achievement. May replace it with a 38mm Bambino 7.

  5. Starking (0215482) - [2021] More of a fun pickup for an automatic at a very low price.

  6. Orient Kamasu Mako III (RA-AA0003R) - [2021] I fell in love with this dial immediately and paired it with the Strapcode Jubilee. Amazing combo imo.

  7. Seiko Presage "Mojito" (SRPE45J1) - [2021] A Christmas gift from my partner, I'd say she nailed it! Such a captivating dial.

  8. Forteller Cambrian Blue - [2022] My first venture into microbrands, which coincided with a new job. Surprisingly high quality.

  9. Tissot PRX (T137.407.11.351.00) - [2024] I wanted this PRX for about a year, but decided to wait until now to pull the trigger.

As for the rest of the watches, in no particular order:

  1. Casio Edifice (EFR-S108D-1AVUDF) - [2021] Slim, stylish and affordable. This is my travel watch for trips where we had to pack light.

  2. IWC Pocket Watch (Calibre 66 - maybe) This was handed down to me from my father, grandfather and great grandfather. Priceless...

  3. Omega De Ville (Quartz) Another inherited watch, unable to find the exact model and have yet to verify it's legitimacy.

  4. Accurist One more inherited watch, have yet to look into it more.

  5. Marlboro Final inherited watch, just pure fun!

  6. Fossil Chrono The first watch I remember getting back in high school. This helped spark the passion.

  7. Kings of London Another gift from my mother to support my favourite football team.

  8. Original Grain This was purchased just before I delved into the world of horology, don't judge!

  9. Unknown mechanical Received this one from a former coworker.


Great collection! Some really cool watches!


Great collection! Some really cool watches!

Thanks! Appreciate it :)

Nice collection. Although love love love your quartz line up, my friend, images of those please.

That gray Bambino is awesome with that strap!

It's the stock strap as well! I do enjoy the casual nature of it馃榿


Nice collection. Although love love love your quartz line up, my friend, images of those please.

Thanks! Will try get better shots of them once we get nicer weather here馃槀