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New... Strap Alert?

#nwa is very well-established, but what about new strap alert? #nsa? Let's just hope no one here has mistaken this forum to be about government conspi...
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Part One: An Omega Seamaster DeVille? What's the next step?

I can hear what a lot of people are thinking right now. "Why would you re-dial such a beautiful watch?" And you're right, I have no idea why someone w...
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Happy Holidays WatchCrunch!

Just wanted to share some pictures of my Orient. That's all. Feel free to share any of your watch pictures too!
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lens.of.ben commented on Thinking of "making" a watch ·

Looks like a cool watch, and super cool that it comes with a Jubilee-style bracelet! Your search for a mechanical movement will be physically restricted to the movement dimensions (diameter, height) in order to fit in the case of the watch you currently have, and I haven't seen too many salmon colored dials with a day-date movement for cheap. But if you have dimensions for the inner diameter of the case, and whether the dial comes through the front of the watch (crystal side) or through the back of the watch (case back side), then those details will also be important. Might be a lot of work to take on though.

If you like this look and don't mind getting something else instead, it will be easier to buy an existing mechanical watch that has a lot of aftermarket support for it, say for example the Orient Kamasu. There are also some popular modded Seikos (search Seiko 'Datejust') that look pretty similar to this,

lens.of.ben commented on Ventura Meetup Today! ·

Looked wonderful! Looking forward to more of these in the future

lens.of.ben commented on Ventura GGT Event 1 ·

Was a great time! Looking forward to more meet ups in the future

lens.of.ben commented on 1st SoCal WatchCrunch Meetup - Ventura, California ·

I'll be attending but only for the Saturday night meet and greet!

lens.of.ben commented on Overhead photography fails with the Nomos Ahoi ·

If it's any consolation, I've had the exact thing happen with my setup as well. If you can find a black cloth (shirts, jackets, tarps) to set up over your camera, I've done that before and its worked really well to mask your camera's reflection

lens.of.ben commented on Weighty Matters ·

I always wore my Luminox blackout, which is essentially a lightweight plastic case on a rubber strap. When I eventually decided that I want to get another dive watch to replace it, I got a watch with a steel case on a rubber strap, and I hated wearing my new watch. I hated wearing it because it was top-heavy and didn't allow my wrist to breathe, so it was a clunky mess to wear. I love wearing my Christopher Ward on a bracelet nowadays, but sometimes a heavy watch feels suffocating. Maybe I'm just used to lighter watches.

lens.of.ben commented on A rock and a hard place ·

To me, I think it really depends on your father. If you think he'd be offended at the idea of exchanging the watch for something else, then don't bring it up and at best it sits in a little box that you can see occasionally and remember. If you think he'd be receptive to the idea, then at best you have another great sentimental piece. This decision shouldn't be as fatalistic as other people are making it, in my opinion. The watch doesn't represent your guys' relationship, you and your dad do.

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Your First Wristwatch?

This was one of my first analog wristwatches that I wore pretty much every day for four years. I wasn't an enthusiast, but it was almost a necessity f...
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Thoughts on Christopher Ward as a brand?

Christopher Ward is a value proposition for good specs on paper. However, it can be a yay or nay for passionate enthusiasts, such as you all on WatchC...
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What would you have done? Swapped movement on Orient Maestro.

Earlier this week I posted about my Orient Maestro. It was my first love when it came to mechanical watches, and it helped me fall back in love with p...
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Orient Maestro - Beginning Watch Photography

Hi there y'all, first post on watchcrunch. This is my first automatic watch, one that I got during covid. When I got it, I was ecstatic to wear it—not...
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