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anti theft

what bracelet, strap, nato, etcetera... maybe MN even, is the most thief proof bracelet you can have on your watch, assuming, no guns or threats are b...
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Watch Market

Where do you think the watch market is going?
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The King of Rangers

39mm Rolex is still the king of Rangers in the galaxy! Went to see the Tudor and it’s epic, but MOFO big bro has a thing, not sure what it is, might b...
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lechad commented on anti theft ·

Tudor fxd then

lechad commented on Tell me why not to get this piece!! ·

No lume no go.

lechad commented on 21mm thick for 550WR!? ·

a Dollar for every meter, 550m for $550 LOL

lechad commented on Swimming - am I being too cautious re watches ? ·

you need the new Ultra Deep and HEV! LOL, nothing will happen, these watches are having 10 years service interval cause of how much beating they take. and if it leaks then you pull the crown  to stop it, then take it to Omega. it would be a story. 

lechad commented on Your lottery watch ·

Every Rolex Model (none with diamonds or any of that crap) mainly sports and no 2 tones, few gold, and many NOS discontinued (that I will service/overhaul), I have ran this simulation and it's not more than few 100s, in fact I'd go make a deal with an AD and say, I'll pay you under the table (as if they don't already) but get them to me and I want the Rolex experience, none of that grey BS. 

lechad commented on Your lottery watch ·

he does have a shit logo! LOL 

lechad commented on What advice would you give to a new collector? ·

Great timing to be getting into the hobby, prices going down, buy Rolex only, don’t waste time on nonsense. 

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lechad ·

Reference Numbers and names

can anyone explain to me like a 3 years old, the idea behind these idiotic "makes no sense" reference numbers that watch companies use? what's the ide...
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lechad ·

Straps addiction

Sooooooo I think I'm addicted to straps, nato, rubber, leather.... and I buy all tat crap but I always end up putting the watch on its OG setting, as...
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Force Of Nature VS Steel

Have you guys heard of the Force Of Nature home made cleaner? it is really good on many surfaces and all. I did a ton of research, but couldn't find a...
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Spring Bars

Hi everyone, quick question: fitting a 21mm spring bar into a 20mm lug width makes it stronger and hold better or that a misconception? cheers
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