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Watch too big or small

How do you tell if a watch is too big or small for you? It seems to vary so much, even within certain diameters
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Ray Donovans watch collection

Can anyone identify the Ray Donovan watch collection? Live Schreiber has a nice watch box briefly seen in season one. Thanks.
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Dr Strange watches

Which watches are in Dr. Strange’s collection? I mean in addition to the Jaeger Matser Ultra Thin that he breaks and wears throughout the movie. Thank...
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iwc.cube1979 commented on Watch too big or small ·

That’s a great bit of advice actually, I never even thought of that!

iwc.cube1979 commented on Watch too big or small ·

Im going to be buying a Rolex James Cameron, hopefully pretty soon. It’s a beefy watch so I just wanted to be sure it would be ok to wear.

iwc.cube1979 commented on Legendary Military Watches for $400? | Laco Aachen | Seiko King Turtle | Hamilton Khaki auto ·

The Hamilton has a special place in my heart, but the Laco just feels like an homage watch to me. I cant help shake the feeling that IWC make the only real fliegers. I know its stupid but its just the way I am

iwc.cube1979 commented on Stowa or Laco. Who makes a better pilots watch? ·

I would say to save up more money and buy an IWC, the OG