And yet another home build ... with hands I hadn't planned for.

And I just got another home build done on a slow Friday. The dial is from Crystal Time, and I just loved it when I first saw it, but I had no real idea what to use it for, and I thought I'd just make it a diver. 

So I ordered the remaining parts from Ali, including hands that follow more long the 62MAS style. But so far, they just haven't arrived, but everything else had. I guess I got impatient, and used dauphine hands from another project. 

I had no idea how tricky they are to install, and I had to change up my usual technique for the seconds hand, as you really can't place the seconds hand on the other hands without shifting, and used a two handed approach. I still learn something new every time.

Anyhow, the bezel insert seemed to match the bezel nicely, and I wrapped up the watch with a leather NATO strap. Even though I hadn't planned on the hands I actually ended up using, I'm quite fond of this build, especially the dial without any unnecessary wording.

Putting in on the timegrapher the watch seemed to be one second a day fast, so I didn't bother regulating it, and will probably check it again in a month or so.


Quick glance I would of thought it was a Vostok.


Yeah, there is some truth to that. Most of my watches look fairly toolish, and I got similar comments on another watch I made.