My first Seiko, bought this new for 拢49. How times change.

What's your first Seiko? And should Seiko go back to producing quality watches for not much Dosh? I think so. They brought me into watches. Now, it's micro brands and shiny shiny expensive swiss tosh. Such a shame. I think Citizen and certainly the new Timex strategy is filling this role.


If Seiko had upped their qc and overall quality, sapphire instead of hardlex, then I wouldn鈥檛 have any issue with their price increases. But sonce that has not and probably will not happen, they can pound sand. Orient has filled their role wuite well.

My first Seiko was the SNKL31K1 but I quickly sold it not because of quality but it was just too dressy for me.

These are the best, I have a green one and tan one

The new prices of their new models are kinda high, but it's easy to find discounts and sales, so I think Seiko still is a value brand.

Lucky you! I wish I was into watches before so I could鈥檝e snagged the set cheap but each one is like $110 USD rn!