New arrival : Breitling Superocean Heritage 46 / A13320

Arrived today .. pre-loved version circa 2012 I am led to believe.

So I have been on a bit of a cull (and buy) of late. I let a few go that I just didn't have the love for anymore.. and have let three new ones into my world.

A 1965 manual wind Breitling Cosmonaute 809, a Heuer Reference 12 (also a manual wind), and this big automatic beauty.

I am not the smallest guy in the world so I can carry off wearing this beast. I have always had a bit of yearning for a 46, but never took the plunge. Having brought in decent funds on my recent cull, I still had plenty of wiggle room for this beauty. And the price was good too.

I was aware that the braclet would be tight (as in a little too tight), but I snared a Toshi leather strap (hand made UK brand) to make it all good. However.. I do love the mesh on this. I am surprised. I have had meshes previously (cheap ones) on other watches, and never realised one could be as subtle and sleek and comfortable as this one. On loving it, I realised I needed to make this mesh fit too, in spite of my incoming strap.

So off I went searching... and found that the very large company that is Watchfinder had them on their eBay site.. at just ยฃ10 per link (ยฃ9 including the promo code showing). So I have snared three links for just ยฃ27 (official Breitling ones, just pre worn) and they will be with me soon. So a good win all round.

Loving the watch. It is 12 years old yet has gained just 1 / 1.5 seconds over 8 hours. I cannot argue with that.

Happy to have a modern auto sit alongside my vintage 809.

Funny how I have rediscovered love for Breitling. I had one years ago and parted with it, but always had a little regret. I feel that they don't get as much big press as they used to years ago, and are less 'in vogue' with the watch fraternity in the UK than in a previous (something which actually appeals to me.. a fall from 'trendy' grace).

Happy days.