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Mystery of the Hybrid Rubber/Leather Tudor strap: solved

I was at the Tudor boutique (stunning shop) at Caesar’s Palace, Las Vegas. The manager was super friendly, knowlegable, and helpful. I asked him about...

Longines Event in Scottsdale

My wife and I went to a Longines event last night at Ocean 44 in Scottsdale. It was fantastic. It was hosted by Hyde Park Jewelers. The Longine guest...

Does anyone recognize this strap brand? (Edit: Solved!)

This came with a watch I purchased pre-owned. It’s a grey suede strap and sees unremarkable (not bad or anything). Anyways, I can’t think of a better...

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genxwatchguy1969 commented on genxwatchguy1969's WRUW ·

Thank you sir!

genxwatchguy1969 commented on Review of my Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Ultra Thin Moonphase ·

You chose….wisely. I am also in the waining… satisfied stages of collecting…. EXCEPT.. one of my last purchases was a JLC.. which has now fired me up for another. MTM, MC Calendar or if ai win the lotto.. MC Perpetual.. are in my crosshairs. Man.. they want some money though.

genxwatchguy1969 commented on Seiko SRPK17 ·

Only buy it if he says it’s a limited edition.

genxwatchguy1969 commented on Is Steinhart teasing a Yachtmaster homage here? ·

They have been playing more lately with titanium.. maybe a TiYM?

genxwatchguy1969 commented on genxwatchguy1969's WRUW ·


genxwatchguy1969 commented on genxwatchguy1969's WRUW ·

Had to look him up…lol. I did a terrible job of hiding it. 😉

genxwatchguy1969 commented on Guys, do you how to get on the waiting list of Rolex?) 🤯 ·

Yeah.. this is probably the one Rolex that will still sell over retail once all the smoke clears. This is the worm. The lure. Probably will ultimately cost less at one of the greys. Be sure you try it on first. It’s “smaller” than you think. I was thankfully able to cross it off my list once I tried it on. Haven’t worried about it since.

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What is this made of? Let me know if you KNOW.

So, this strap is referred to by Tudor as the “Hybrid Rubber/Leather strap”. I am at a loss as to what part is leather. The core is rubber. The edges...

Share your trade-in offer horror stories.

I was in a big jewelry/watch retailer last night to pick up a part I ordered for my Black Bay Pro. Of course, I couldn’t just pop in, grab the part an...

Check out this reflection/refraction of my Grand Seiko

I saw this happening by chance. It was a beautiful reflection of the sun on the face and hands of my SBGK007 casting on the table top. You can clearly...

Uncle straps: Anyone tried the new leather?

I love their bracelets. They are a hit. They started a line of leather straps. If anyone has tried them I’d love to hear some experiences with them. T...

Strap “preserver” strikes again

I live in a very hot climate. I frequently replace straps on new purchases to “preserve” the factory straps that can be very expensive to replace once...

NWA: Grand Seiko SBGK007

This is day two since purchase. I have a few pics up here but this is a fuller write up. This watch is 39mm and is out of the Elegance collection. It’...