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Experience with modding?

I’m thinking about modding my Tudor Pelagos, I hate the snowflake hand. Any pointers from experienced modders?
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Well you're no fun then! :P commented on Experience with modding? ·

What sort of equipment will I need to change the hands? I will be sure to watch some tutorials and read about it. I love the watch but the hand just bothers me too much to look at!! commented on Value war: China vs. Japan ·

The short answer is two hundred years of Swiss branding. When you think of Swiss watches, you think of an old guy piecing together small pieces of metals under a magnifying scope. When you think of Japanese or certainly Chinese watches – you think of Walmart. The truth is the lines are blurred now. Many Swiss manufacturers have changes their production methods and are mass producing their entry level models – which is what most of their clientele are buying. Better profit margins. Nevertheless, we still associate Swiss with “luxury.” commented on Navitimer for an office-timer ·

Absolutely not. Firstly, suits go with white or black face – not blue. Few exceptions and this is not one of them. A steel rolex with a blue face would be fine. Otherwise go formal or go home. This watch is not only too big but it is too loud as well. Too much going on. Suits are for simplicity, you wear your loud watches with golf shirts to make up for the informality. commented on Bell & Ross size ·

In that case you’ll have to just go and try it on to see for yourself. You never know, you might be pleasantly surprised. They do make great watches though so try pick one up of you can. Outsourced movements but nice finishing and good build quality commented on Bell & Ross size ·

I don’t own one but I tried it on my 7” wrist and it fit perfectly. I know my wrist is bigger so you have to take that with a pinch of salt really. Do you not have any 40mm watches? commented on Do I need COSC? ·

Unless you are using it to time races in some official capacity or calculate rocket trajectories with accuracy within a nanosecond – this is unnecessary. It's just marketing. It’s a price-driver. Watches with this certification charge more and dumb people like us pay more for it.