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Returning To Watch Collecting/Hamilton Khaki X-Wind Thoughts

My original WC post with a "review" of the watch that got me back into watch collecting.

Returning To Watch Collecting
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Hiatus Over: I'm (Kinda) Back

I've been pretty absent from the hobby since July. And there's a reason for that. I really doubt any of you had noticed, but I feel like it needed to...
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Making Room For A Grail

I'm looking to sell off a large portion of my automatics to make room for a new grail. If you've seen it posted, it's probably in the auction house, s...
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erikswrist commented on The Murph is now smaller ·

Perfection. Should've released years ago. I'm kinda maxed out on Hamilton for the time being. Plus, I don't really NEED a third Khaki Field right this second. I figured that a Jazzmaster, Broadway, or Viewmatic was next on my Hamilton list.  

erikswrist commented on Don’t have a grail watch ·

I bought my grail really early, but I shouldn't have. Doing that made me appreciate anything I bought after a lot less. I ended up selling everything except for the grail and lost a good chunk of cash because I was chasing that feeling with every purchase.

As long as you can appreciate your entire collection and love every newly acquired watch from that moment on, I don't see a problem with dreaming of a grail. That all being said, having something to look forward to always motivates me to make whatever I'm looking forward to happen as soon as possible. 

I also think that a lot of collectors have a grail, but don't really know it until they see it. That's what happened to me. I bought it immediately after I found it. I still love it, but it isn't exactly a rare watch, so I could've waited. I could've waited for a deal, better financial timing, etc.. 

erikswrist commented on Urban Gentry X Islander Watch… ·

Looks cheap. Pass.

erikswrist commented on Hiatus Over: I'm (Kinda) Back ·

Thanks for reading! I think I've posted my quartz collection on here. Hope you like it! 

erikswrist commented on How strict are you on matching leathers? ·

Try, but don't put any pressure on yourself. Brown is brown and black is black. No one is going to notice or care. I just make sure that I'm wearing some kind of brown strap, belt, and boots. You'll start buying tons of leather and wear one more than the others. Waste of money. Plus... canvas straps pair nicely with leather goods. 

erikswrist commented on Hiatus Over: I'm (Kinda) Back ·

Thank you! Yeah, it's pretty depressing considering giving up on something that gives you so much joy, but when that joy turns to crippling depression, maybe it's time for a change, hahaha. 

But I feel you. Gaming is my vacation time. I don't really take vacations, but armchair vacations are just as good for me. 

erikswrist commented on New watch for New Beginnings ·

You've got history with your old company, so I would make the decision based on which manufacturer's history most resembles your history with the company. I don't know, that just sounds right. 

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Quartz Crisis Returns

I wear watches from my Casio/Timex box way more often than my other, I guess, "higher end" box. I don't feel comfortable telling you how much money is...
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When Do We Stop Needing/Wanting Watch Media?

During my watch media hiatus this question has come up multiple times. To be fair, I asked myself this even before I took a break from consuming watch media, but I feel more compelled to ask the inter...
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The Perfect Budget Collection Or Too Redundant?

I've got collections inside of collections. What are your thoughts on sticking to a specific style?
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Budget Watch Experiment

🚨 EXPERIMENT 🚨 With the exception of posting here and there, I've stayed off watch media for two weeks. It's amazing how much that influences my daily...
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Do You Have An After Work Watch?

Do you have an after work watch? Do you wear something thin, lightweight, cheap, or more comfortable? I do. More often than not, I throw on an Ironman...
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Thoughts on the Helios From Orient?

I've never really been a big fan of open heart dials, but this was a Father's Day gift and I find myself creating a little soft spot for it in my coll...
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Elusive Khaki Mechanical

Is it just me or is this particular reference just... kinda... missing from watch posts all over the internet? I never see the olive mechanical. I mea...
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