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eliamathias ·

Any integrated straps for the Explorer 124270?

Hey WC, I need your help! I was looking for an integrated rubber strap or something for my new Explorer 124270 but couldn‘t find anything because it‘s...
6 189
eliamathias ·

Fleamarket find :-)))

Paid 10 bucks for this Smiths pocket watch and it‘s even still running pretty good :)
5 32
eliamathias ·

Expensive watches when travelling?

I will leave for Berlin, Hamburg and Amsterdam tomorrow and I‘m not sure what watch to bring… I‘m in the most intense honeymoon with my new Explorer 1...
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Recent Comments

eliamathias commented on Any integrated straps for the Explorer 124270? ·

Yeah I love the bracelet and actually have no desire to take it off other than protecting it when working on something that gould really destroy it or on the beach and stuff. There a rubber strap would be much appreciated…

eliamathias commented on Any integrated straps for the Explorer 124270? ·

Idk, it‘s annoying because I don‘t want to fuck up my bracelet when working physically or something so I‘d wear it on rubber then… Hope they‘ll come out with some options soon!

eliamathias commented on Any integrated straps for the Explorer 124270? ·

They too only have them for the 39mm reference unfortunately…

eliamathias commented on Fleamarket find :-))) ·

Will do! Thanks man :))

eliamathias commented on Fleamarket find :-))) ·

I think I will let it run for a couple of days now and then try to regulate it. From there on idk… I don‘t really wear pocket watches but I might carry it around in my bag or something ;) Otherwise it will probably be a gift or sold at some point.

eliamathias commented on Expensive watches when travelling? ·

I went with the Tissot in the end, didn‘t have time to ensure my Explorer yet so I feel safer like this. Once it‘s ensured I‘ll take it everywhere though :)

eliamathias commented on Expensive watches when travelling? ·

It‘s all in one time zone tho… xD

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eliamathias ·

New f‘ing watch alert!

„Finally!“ is all I can say. Brand new 124270 ^^
10 81
eliamathias ·

What‘s your most comfortable watch?

For me it really is the GS White Birch. You can tell from the second pic just how much it hugs the wrist. I get a gap with almost all watches but not...
28 408
eliamathias ·

Love letter to my „clomage“ PloProf

I recently bought this PloProf Clomage by Steeldive because the Omega PloProf is a watch I admire for all its quirks and funkyness. I can barely wear...
6 307
eliamathias ·

NWA: Came in sooner than expected!

I ordered this baby the second it was released and it arrived like a month before it should have… not complaining! First impressions are great. No mis...
5 48
eliamathias ·

Do you guys think Tudor will ever offer a „modern“ BB58?

I‘ve been thinking about this ever since I got my beloved BB58 blue… I would really love a black version without the gilt and red triangle. Just repla...
26 279
eliamathias ·

Unexpected Newbie

Went to my AD looking for a Chrono and stumbled upon this beauty. Never thought I‘d buy a red watch but here we are :) It‘s the 36mm version of the Lo...
31 515
eliamathias ·

I really wanted to hate it…

But I don‘t??! I always thought the tank is an absolute leather strap watch. I found this 19mm beads of rice I once bought for my speedy FOIS in the d...
6 343