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The design battle of the Turtles

The new Seiko SPB317 versus the SRP777: which style you like better? No, not the specs, not the price, not the history and definitely not the size but the LOOKS? :) The SPB317 looks more flat overall...
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deskdiverdanny commented on New-old Oris 65!

Congrats on the new acquisition! The 65 looks great and wears like a charm!

deskdiverdanny commented on Aftermarket mesh options with Deployant clasp?

Strapcode has a few options for tapering mesh bracelets. Here is one:

deskdiverdanny commented on Do scratches give watches "character"?

If one ever takes the watch out of the box please don't forget to buy and add custom made protective plastics for you watch too! They look so awesome!

Ha! Jokes aside this one really depends on the watch. Scratches on a zaratsu polished surface don't look as yummy as on a Doxa dive watch for example. 馃槣

deskdiverdanny commented on ETA 2824 or Miyota 9015?

AFAIK the Miyota 9 series is not an ETA clone like suggested above. Still, I see them trading punches evenly specs wise. Miyota 9 seems to be a little more robust but has a noisy rotor that winds to only one direction. ETA has its issues or so I've read. I've owned multiple of both and never really had any issues with either of them. If I had to choose one I think I would still go with the ETA.

deskdiverdanny commented on What Percentage of your Collection is Quartz?

1/5 at the moment. For me quartz watches work especially well in a "grab-and-go" type of beater watch format. I've used to own Seiko Tunas and some CWC Royal navy divers in the past which are imo prime examples of such pieces. 馃挭

deskdiverdanny commented on The design battle of the Turtles

I thought it would be a tight race but still little surprised to see that SRP777 is on the ropes!

deskdiverdanny commented on Hello WatchCrunch!

Welcome buddy! Glad to see you joined the fun. 馃憡馃榿


Your take on a dive watch on a leather strap? Why not?

Soo yeah this can of worms. 馃槈 Every so often I hear someone complaining about a dive watch on a leather strap. Seems to be a pet peeve of many but why...
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