Longines Zulu Time 39mm GMT hand misaligned/slightly behind

Wondering if this is common or if it is just my watch, but I recently picked up the Zulu Time and am noticing the GMT hand is slightly behind. I.E. in the first picture, right after the local time hit noon, I would expect the GMT (Zulu) hand to be perfectly aligned with the 6:00 diamond indices, but it isn't quite there yet. In the second pic, the GMT hand is aligned, but it is already 7 minutes past the hour, so looks like my GMT hand is 7 minutes behind. Curious if others have seen this and if I am being too critical?

It's off.

If under warranty, that needs to go in for correction

That def seems off.

It's time to make use of that five year warranty.

Have it checked out. Mine isn't like that although I have the 42mm.

Definitely off. The hour and minute hands look misaligned too....


The point of the hour hand looks to be short of the point of the diamond at 12 but the minute hand is well past the hour. It might be an angle thing of course.

Definitely send it back.

I think your normal hour hand is off, and because the GMT hand is linked to it, it appears both are slightly behind.

Not enough that it'd bother me or affect timetelling, but I'm sure an AD would be able to give it a nudge in one direction.

Where do the hands fall when you line it all up at 12?

I would say both are off ( GMT and hour hand ). Definitely would return as warranty claim.

It is indeed. I usually get that issue in some cheaper watches, but on a Longines you should really make use of the warranty and send it back for correction.

send it in for warranty claim. I recently sent my Legend Diver for service and the experience was great. the watch even came back in a nice Longines box

I had the same issue with my Oceanstar. I sent it back to Mido with pictures and drawn on lines calling out the gap. It was back to me in about a month and tracks perfectly now.