[Steinhart Ocean One 39] Keep it or sell it?

I recently bought this beautiful watch, but I'm not sure if I want to wear a Rolex hommage. I don't want people to think I'm pretending to wear a Submariner. What do you think, should I keep it or sell it and buy something unique?
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Nobody is going to think that.

Normal people think anything with a dive bezel is a Rolex.

You like the watch then you keep it.

Any anti homage-ites give you any 聽grief tell them to pound sand.

I'm guessing you bought it because you like it.聽

As the others have pointed out, pretty much nobody cares what watch you wear.聽

The people who will give you a hard time for having a homage, are not the kind of people you want to associate with anyway. If someone has to put down your watch to feel superior, they are lacking in some other, more important way.聽

Keep it if you like it. I would guess there are far more Submariner homages gracing the wrists of people than actual Submariners. 馃槀

If Submariner homages were truly a blight upon society, Tudor wouldn鈥檛 be as popular as it is. For a start. Seiko鈥 Invicta鈥 so very many. Depends on what you define as an homage.

I think the bezel is different to my mind, and the big 鈥榦cean one鈥 kind of stands out. At a distance, most divers and divers style watches look pretty much the same, and if they鈥檙e close enough to start making out details, as long as they ain鈥檛 out to rob you鈥 who cares?

Buy the watches you like, at the price you can afford.

People that genuinely like watches really won鈥檛 give a monkeys, even if the have a Rolex Submariner on wrist or in collection. Even people not that into watches will most likely not be fussed. I demagnetised my brother-in-laws Rolex Sub, and he was impressed by the quality of my Pagani Design Seamaster style watch which he had a look at while I was fixing his watch up.

You know what?

If he had offered to swap, I wouldn鈥檛 have.

Which likely makes me stupid, or someone with a specific taste in watches. XD聽

edit: not only is the bezel different, but so is the hour hand, and the proportions of various things seem subtly different on it too. Is the bezel fully lumed?聽
If it has AR coating, I believe that鈥檚 another difference鈥 don鈥檛 Rolex not use that? (Ok鈥 that one is a tiny difference鈥)聽

Keep it! Steinhart's are great...besides...no one looks a someone wearing a Sub and says, "thats a 50 Fathoms homage" lol.....

I've tried Steinhart, and I'm not a fan.

Own that shit bro!!聽

"You wouldna worry so much what people think of ye if ye knew how little they do" -- a wise Scostsman 馃槈

It's a good-looking watch, but I have trouble with homages. 聽I'm totally fine with other people wearing them, I don't judge. 聽But I always feel like I'll be judged wearing one, which is funny given that people never ask me about my watches. 聽It's also funny because I don't care if others think my watch is too small, big, or the wrong color. 聽

So I voted "sell", not because I think you shouldn't wear it, but because it sounds like you aren't sold on it. 聽If that's wrong, if you love this watch, wear it. 聽Screw what others think, wear what you like. 聽

  1. Don't sell it because of what others might think.
  2. Don't keep it cuz I don't like this watch 馃槀