"Top" or "Latest"?

I pick latest because I want to see it all. What's your approach here on WC?

So many posts never get seen since they don't "make" the main page. I usually go to the latest.

I check the latest as well.

Always clicking on the Latest.


Page defaults to "Top" so I'll scroll through it. I do believe Top is rate-based so things may change quickly after a flurry of comments on a new post. But always check the Latest after that.

First, I start in following, then I go to top. After about 10 threads, I scroll into the latest.

Latest then WRUW

Really only the latest. Top is usually posts with a silly gripe or something that's been rehashed 10,000 times.

I only use latest. However as the site has grown, it鈥檚 getting hard to get through all the latest posts in the time I have available with so many people posting.

Is there a way to automatically switch to latest? The news page is pretty interesting too but I hardly find myself visiting there.


Top then latest.


Latest then top.