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Who owns Patek?

Who owns Patek Philippe? I heard its family-owned but they don’t have Patek or philippe in their name
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Watch storage

Whats do you think is the best way to store your watch when you’re travelling?
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PP worth the price?

Forgive me everyone but can someone explain why PP is so expensive? I’ve been wearing the same Datejust since I graduated. I’m 56 now and can finally...
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chrono_loony commented on Who owns Patek? ·

Well that can't be family owned then can it? It's owned by a company that is owned by a family. Family-owned implies the original family

chrono_loony commented on Watch storage ·

wow! that's hardocre!! @trader.joe :D

chrono_loony commented on Watch storage ·

Yeah I have a Panerai travel pouch and usually just bring my vintage Omega Constellation in that and wear my Panerai on the plane. The joys of a two watch collection!

chrono_loony commented on Watch storage ·

I don’t think they’re pointless. They have a clear purpose to be fair and they do it very well. Sure they’re a few hundref dollars but your watches are expensive, they deserve the best!

chrono_loony commented on Watch winders, good or bad? ·

I've heard they might cause additional wear and tear but by the same logic you shouldnt wear your watch to avoid the same wear and tear. Get one if it makes your life easier

chrono_loony commented on Dr Strange watches ·

Rolex Daytona white face. He never wears it though it's just in the drawer. I don’t recognize the others.

chrono_loony commented on How often should I wind my watch? ·

Winders are a point of contention no matter who you ask – the community is split down the middle. Honestly, just do whatever works for you and get your watch serviced every 5 or so years and it’ll be fine

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Watch for the wife

My wife is a VP of a fortune 500 company. Her engagement ring cost me close to $20k, but she still wears the same Casio steel quartz to work every day...
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