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Show some Timex 鉂わ笍

Comment with your Timex piece 馃槉 This is my 19 year old Timex 'Monaco' homage that I bought with my first paycheck in 2003.
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chrislang commented on Do you ever find yourself just aimlessly-admiring your watch? What is this sickness?

it's the only sickness that I am proud to have haha 聽It is even more pleasurable when you get so mesmerized by the beauty and design knowing the good deal that you got it for... (name drop seikos and orients!) 馃槈

chrislang commented on Strap for Seagull 1963

I've put on a tan leather strap on mine and lovin it. Planning to get a blue leather strap next to match with the blue hands.

chrislang commented on "Bang-for-your-buck" Brands | Watch Giveaway

Seiko is a sure bang for your buck brand, so I'd say Orient and Orient Star is a brand many should also consider.

chrislang commented on What Do You Think of the Seagull 1963 Chronograph.

I read your reviews and it greatly helped me decide on getting the 1963. 聽Thanks for the effort and write up 馃憤

chrislang commented on What Do You Think of the Seagull 1963 Chronograph.

Mine just arrived last week and man I'm glad I pulled the trigger after how many days of thinking about it hanging in the cart. Love the size, 38mm, acrylic glass dial, hands, movement and everything about it. 聽For me the 38 is best way to go as it fits best with dial and hands symmetry and truest to the OG. I got a 50+ hour reserve on mine, +4 sec/day accuracy out of the box... which was a very welcome suprise. And I love the nato strap too, not stiff like other natos. But a leather strap is on the way 馃槄. Go get it and enjoy 馃憤

chrislang commented on Show some Timex 鉂わ笍

I like that water resist logo that they had, reminds me of 80s 90s timex, they should bring it back more often

chrislang commented on Show some Timex 鉂わ笍

Cool, are those limited edition? I bet you forget to read the time sometimes when you look at it