Chris Lang
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23 hours ago

New to this therapeutically distracting pastime. Aim to treat myself to at least one watch annually! London UK based.

UK watch enthusiast

I have been a watch nerd for going on 5 years now. Favourite type of watch is a flieger. Particularly like the type b. Beyond that...

Ambot yahh!😅😁

The four rules of Watch Collecting: 1. I can resist anything except temptation. 2. It is easier to beg forgiveness than to seek pe...

7,25 inch wrist. I like watches as long as I remember. I like tool watches; field and exploring watches, but also divers and vinta...

"I'm into murders and executions mostly"

Novice collector just enjoying my fascination with wristwatches...

Welcome to my WatchCrunch profile.

Only time will tell...

American guy living in the UK. Late to the game...but the game is a good one.

Just an ordinary guy with an extraordinary drive for fun and adventure!

Wish to learn more about watch. I love photography too

Do I like watches? Of quartz I do!