The most important question?

Which of these is the most important to you when choosing a new watch?
78 votes

I picked time, but Lord I love sticking it to the poors.

Actually my Breitling watches were a massive horological affront to the ancient guys who were my seniors during my first decent gig. Flexing on the poor is no fun but sticking it to rich old farts is luxurious, still do it now that I am on the other side of the table but now I do it to rich young farts. I chose A.

E - will it fit?

I went with "Can I get it wet"

Since it's a watch I assume it tells the time, otherwise it's a bracelet 馃槀

THE Answer - Because. 馃き

The lume is most important now... I can't see so good any more in the dark. 馃馃ジ


I picked time, but Lord I love sticking it to the poors.

Heck, yeah. It never gets old. My favorite part is when they ask me for spare change and then cry when I tell them I just spent it all on my Hodinkee Insurance coverage.


Can I get it wet.

That's what she said.

E - Will this watch impress girls & get me laid?

All of the above and E will anyone notice it.

Seems 27.1% of us would rather have a waterproof bracelet than a watch 馃槀