A PSA for new AliExpress Shoppers

In the last couple of weeks, I found out that my friends who shop on AliExpress, were not taking advantage of getting their "price adjustment" money that they were entitled to for "Choice" labeled items that decreased in price within 30 days of their purchase.

So, I just want to remind anyone here who shops on AliExpress to make sure to get the money you are entitled to. If you bought a watch (or any item) that had the “Choice” label on it and then price dropped since you received your item, then you’re entitled to the price difference in the form of a refund. 

Go into your purchase history and look at your item order details. Click on the "View" button on the “Price Adjustment” section of the order details. This will give you more information and automatically determine if your order qualifies for an adjustment. If it says you qualify for a refund, click on the "Apply" button and you're all set. Remember this only applies for orders that are marked as a “Choice” item. 


Don’t leave any money on the table. Make sure to get what you’re entitled to.