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Your favorite after marker braceletier

Happy Memorial Day all! Check out the Uncle Straps BB Pro fitted president style bracelet! Who’s your favorite non-OEM strap or bracelet maker? Uncle,...
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C-3PO in watch form

I am more Star Trek than Star Wars, but the embodiment of fiction robot in watch form is too good to pass up 😂😂😂 Any R2-D2’s, C3 or other robot watch...
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Bonus wrist AND knee hair

Tear it up folks!! What’s your favorite torn denim paring? What’s watch the kills on a strap but is so hard to remove on a bracelet that is just too g...
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bonuswristhair commented on A One Brand Collection ·

Omega - hands down. The catalogue is absolutely massive and then you get into the vintage possibilities that are just lovely! Overall build quality to price ratio is still good relative to the other Swiss brands around.

Something for almost everyone 😎

bonuswristhair commented on What’s the most adventurous thing you’ll do with your watch? ·

Smashing some stir fry with divers 😂😂😂😂knives, fire, more fire and service!

bonuswristhair commented on Your favorite after marker braceletier ·

Miltat/strapcode bracelets are fantastic! Nothing but good things there!

bonuswristhair commented on How to Tell a Watch is "high quality" ·

You don’t see too many brown/Ti combos out there? I think maybe Formex did a similar earth-tone to Ti-Grade2.

The Ti used for Blancpain is insane. Full bracelet 5050 has all that tactile satisfaction you mentioned. Even off the bracelet the gear is solid.

How end links connect, screw threads, and the tolerances all lean into the full tactile picture.

That said, I get just as much of that feel when interacting with the ADPT Ti watches. You couldn’t make the watches further apart if you tried but the joy factor is there in both for different reasons.

One is a 32oz porterhouse slathered in butter with gold leaf sprinkles all over. The other is Philly cheese stake from the “right” food truck at the Springsteen show!

bonuswristhair commented on What has been your watch journey this past 12 months? ·

Dude, same for me! Been collecting seriously over 15 years. That said, I have tried on the seaweed, own a pro and (at one point) had a 16570 and honestly, all three are incredible. I personally think the style and overall 16570 is great, but something about it didn’t click, whereas the BB Pro feels like a warmer design overall.

That said, thickness and wearing experience will be owned by the 16570. For me (personally) the BB Pro feels like a it has more soul. Just my own personal story to share 🤪

bonuswristhair commented on What has been your watch journey this past 12 months? ·

Oh wow! Straps!! I forgot about that lol! I believe that may be a future post about that alone lol!

bonuswristhair commented on What has been your watch journey this past 12 months? ·

I have had an entire saga with just one watch model 🤣Submariner bought, sold (regretted), bought, sold and bought AGAIN! Lol

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Spring/summer strap change

A nice refresher for the seasons change! Like fresh cut grass, newly formed leaves the feeling following a night of heavy over indulgence 😅🤢 Plus the...
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I bloody love this thing!

Integrated bracelet are so tough for me but this Aikon really hits surprisingly well! Tried on two of the Genta legends and owned an overseas from the...
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Your favorite super compressors! GO!

What’s your favorite super compressor??? This is my second time ever owning this watch! Sold one, missed the hell out of it and found this one in Hung...
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Watch Crunchers Unite! I need your eyes

High everyone, A story for you all. Back in 2009 I embarked on journey back to South Africa to take part in my YiaYai’s (grandmother for the none Gree...
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Monday divers unite!

And yet another diver for the day 😁
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Flying high, staying low.

You don’t always have to be in the sky’s for a good time! Or whatever! Have a great day everyone!
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Just enjoy the damn things!!

Older picture from March, but love the glow of the heater lamp on the orange dial! ADPT is such a fun brand. Their straps are quite lovely and worth g...
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