Does anyone ever feel like their wrist is bare without their watch?

After wearing watches for a few years, it feels normal to wear a watch and my wrist feels so bare without one.

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I started wearing one at age 5. So yeah, 45 years of wearing one makes me feel tangibly weird if I don't have one on. 馃槃

Naked without a watch

I started wearing one when I was 13, almost 50 years ago. Since then I think I did not wear a watch for 2 days in 2015, recovering from surgery.


This is the watch that started it all. My father gave this to me for my 13th birthday. BTW, it still works.

Yeah, expecially because of this and I miss the weight


I know that too ...

The wired Thing is

I am Not allowed to wear a watch at Work ( hygiene and so on). There ist does Not bother me

But in my freetime immediatly feel Something ist missing when i Take my watch of ...

I made the mistake of playing tennis once with a watch on a steel bracelet. The watch wasn't very nice. The bracelet was especially not very nice. When hitting an awkward backhand, the watch on my left hand dug into my right wrist and cut it. I dealt with the blood, took the watch off, and immediately double faulted away my next service game. I'm sure it wasn't technically the absence of the weight of the watch that messed up my ball toss, but my mind was constantly concerned with the strange feeling of the naked wrist.

The lesson I learned? It wasn't that I'm better off playing tennis without a watch; it's that I should wear a watch with a strap that won't injure me. :D

At times I felt naked without one.


Yeah, expecially because of this and I miss the weight


The dreaded watch tan line 馃槀