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Strap monster watches are a must-have!

So far, none of my other watches can out-class the look of their original strap/bracelet. But I totally love how the Longines Legend Diver can transfo...
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My first dive watch (as a non-diver)

Just got the Longines Legend Diver last week! With a 42mm case size this is my biggest watch by far. Still second-guessing myself if I should have gon...
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1980 Seiko Type II Quartz - like Tissot PRX

Super excited with my new (old) Seiko! I told myself I'll never buy another quartz watch, but this humble little retro nugget from the quartz crisis e...
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arkheii commented on Strap monster watches are a must-have! ·

Is that your daily / diver / dress watch combo? Sounds like a very versatile 3 watch collection!

arkheii commented on Strap monster watches are a must-have! ·

Black dial divers are such versatile designs! Is that a SPB143? The blue patterned strap looks fun!

arkheii commented on Strap monster watches are a must-have! ·

Just bought it online from a seller called Hooked On Straps. They called it a sailcloth strap, but it's actually a durable synthetic material unlike the delicate Longines sailcloth strap. It's my favorite strap so far!

arkheii commented on All black watches ·

This is my Seiko 5 flieger which came with a matching black mesh bracelet. It's very pretty with the bracelet, but very difficult to pair with other straps. I still hope there's a way to expand the wearing options for this all-black watch.

arkheii commented on It's ugly but.. ·

I have learned that watches can look better or worse in pictures, and the best way to decide is to try it my wrist. Try it on!

arkheii commented on Rolex 16570 v Grand Seiko SBGN003 - The Most Controversial Grand Seiko? ·

I've seen both, honestly the polish on the Grand Seiko looks exquisite compared to the Rolex. Excellent contrast and beautiful shimmer throughout!

The GS 9F movement, despite being a quartz, also has a unique character if you look close enough. At first I knew nothing about the movement, I felt as if the seconds hand ticked very "gently" compared to the quartz watches that I'm used to. Later with research I found that it actually moves at 2 half-ticks at a time, and there's a damping mechanism to prevent the second hand from overshooting. Very small detail but it's worth a look.

In any case, it's the Rolex which will hold its value over time.

arkheii commented on 1980 Seiko Type II Quartz - like Tissot PRX ·

That monotone gold looks fantastic! 

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Skagen Hagen World Time

A few years ago I received this gift from someone special. It's a Skagen Hagen World Time. I really love the look of the minimalist circular stainless...
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Apple Watch Series 6 with Milanese Bracelet

Visited some luxury watch stores wearing an Apple Watch. Hope I don't get judged! 🤣
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Seiko SRPH25 with custom leather strap

This is my first automatic watch. I was drawn to its all-black finish, Milanese bracelet, and the black pilot watch dial. Picking up the dead watch, t...
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