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another_watch_guy commented on Watch fitting when buying online ·

Ask someone here if they have a wristshot that they can share of a similar watch size on their similar sized wrist. Or you could google/insta search pictures of the watch on someone’s wrist and try make an estimated guess. You’ll never truly know unless it's on your arm man

another_watch_guy commented on Should I sell my Seiko collection? ·

If you like having a few to cycle through then I would say to get more than just one watch. A Tudor BB58 and something dressier, depending on what budget you have left of course, might be a good idea. Sporty and dressy

another_watch_guy commented on Should I sell my Seiko collection? ·

It really boils down to what you want to wear from now on. Do you still wear your Seikos?

another_watch_guy commented on Obscure vintage watches? ·

The Vacheron Constantin Harmony from the 80’s is another really cool watch that just screams “we have no money and need to sell something!”. VC needed to make something to cater for the quartz craze and still be aesthetically appealing so they came up with the Harmony. Now, it’s a bizarre looking piece but it's unique and I love that about them.

another_watch_guy commented on Purchase History ·

It varies from AD to AD and from brand to brand. You gotta buy a new Patek watch to be considered a Patek customer. It’s the same with Rolex in busier Ads too

another_watch_guy commented on Why do people wear their watches the wrong way around? ·

Ive seen soldiers wear their Casio G--Shocks like that and I’ve always assumed it was because if they have their arm outstretched with their palm up, say to hold up a gun, they can still read the time

another_watch_guy commented on Moonphase? ·

Yeah I'm not 100% on how the shape contributes to the moonphase’s accuracy but I know it's important as the semi-circles block the moon as it's coming into view and thus show the crescent phases