Saw this and had to share it

Hmmm would you wear a watch this way?


Why, just why.


Why? It must be an S&M bondage kind of thing. 馃槀 馃ぃ馃槀馃ぃ馃槣

Just why

And it can鈥檛 even read your pulse if it鈥檚 not on the skin. Non-functional and ugly. 馃憥馃徎

They could of least made it a more useful brace type design, maybe extend the thumb or something. I mean it's already useless but...try harder!!

Stop it... get some help.

I thought it was really cool, and then I realized, you can't really wash your hand without taking it off.

Its a money grad by a greedy orthopedics department. Duane.....Black Diamond,WA. 98010


First, it needs to be on the right hand. As soon as someone sees it and asks about it, GOTCHA! Let鈥檚 check out my left wrist. Conversation initiated.