Hamilton Khaki Ladies Sub 660 ft Black Dial Quartz, 8587A.

Case 31, lug-to-lug 38.

Love how small and comfortable it is.


Very cool. It is nice when they make 'normal' pieces sized for women. So many nice watches out there that could easily be sized down so women can also wear them. Why not have a 34 mm sub etc?

You are right, so many great watches come only in large sizes. It's hard to find 38 mm and smaller versions, although in recent months there is a lot of talk about "watches for smaller wrist sizes." Fingers crossed that more brands will offer 42 mm along with a "reduced" version, like 38 mm or 34 mm. All watches in my collection are 40 mm (lug-to-lug less than 47 mm) or smaller, most being around 36-38 mm.