GMT: More fun outside of Greenwich!?

It struck me today that those who live outside of the UK, may find GMTs more interesting than those residing on the British isles because it shows a significantly different time to the local hour.. (my GMT hand really only ever tracks local British time which is, for half the year, GMT)

Do you guys actually track Greenwich Mean Time, or do you have other timezones you track?

Do you ever track a third time zone using a bezel?


I think a bigger thing in the UK is that there is only one time zone, so most people don’t routinely need to track different times for work etc.

Also, since the whole of Western Europe is only +1, it’s not exactly a difficult calculation for most people’s holidays abroad.


Live in the east coast US, have 4 GMTs (1 travelers).

I rarely travel, and always have the GMT hand set to local time. I just enjoy the complication.


Use it to track local time vs home time all the time...🤔👀🤏🏻😉.

One of the best ways to stay connected, to me that is.

No matter where I am in the world, I can use the GMT function to think what my Yetti girls (Mrs./Baby/Dog) are doing. If I bring a GMT that is 😆.


I’m British and work in avaition, so I’m always working in GMT and my local time is often vastly different from the GMT hand in my travels. My other half also works in avaiation so she’s often in another time zone for me to track, so that bezel comes in handy for the third time zone.