Omega swatch speedmaster

Who has this watch and is it worth it?? Well the hype that is

I think you鈥檇 have to see and try one on in person to really know the answer. I didn鈥檛 intend on buying one, I just happened to be near the Swatch store and decided to get one. I didn鈥檛 have to wait in a long line or pay over msrp. If I wasn鈥檛 near the store, I鈥檇 never have bought one. It鈥檚 really light,makes it feels cheap overall and it ticks obnoxiously loud. But, I still don鈥檛 mind wearing it. Maybe I鈥檒l get a real Speedmaster eventually.

I got one as a gift and I love it. As long as you're expecting A Swatch and not an Omega, you should be fine. It can be loud, and change it to a different strap or at least swap the direction of the band so the loop end is on your wrist knuckle.

Eddie Sahakian has one apparently... (the Jupiter)