Swoosh! - What was that? The Swedish summer.

I live in a country with a short summer. A more positive way to describe the climate is as a four season climate. Autumn and winter we have plenty of, spring and summer not so much. The summer we do have is a beautiful one. Daylight almost round the clock and in the north part the midnight sun. We are now mid May and all swedes are prepping to get ready for this short feast starting at Midsummer.

These few month (basically two) is the time when everything shall happen. Late outdoor meals, barbeques with friends and family, swims in a lake or the sea and vacation (3 in a row somewhere within June-August by law). 

In our obsession to fully enjoy the warmer period we bring back the rural gene we have within us and heading outside cities and concrete. A dream, when you can afford it, is a second home. Historically not anything fancy. Just a place where you can relax and enjoy the short summer. Typically it’s a cottage or a small bungalow located in a forest or by a lake. By choise of a simple life and/or financial restraint they are often quite modest. These modest summerhouses becomes a gem for families. Often inherited from generation to generation. Actually they are so loved that multiple surveys shows that a large number of households rather give up their first, fancier, home than their vacation and weekend retreat in case of financial problems.

OK, what has this to do with WC and watches you might ask? To me one of the beauties with watches resembles a lot with these summer houses. It is not about luxuary. Your most expensive watch might not be the one you love the most. On the contrary there is a high probability that there is a heirloom, a gifted watch or just a non-fancy watch that been around for a while that is among our most loved. A watch that will survive more precious ones if the money dry up.

I have two that probably will be the last to leave. One is the flexible SARB035 that works in practically every situation. The other is my Tissot T-Sport, a gift from my wife. Neither is close to luxuary but they are to stay whatever happens.