What Watch began your Vintage journey?

I recently acquired my very first Vintage Watch for a grand total of 55€ to add the 3rd watch I´ve ever owned to my collection. 

Only now do I understand why new collectors are usually discouraged from buying Vintage Mechanical Watches. This Vintage Mauthe comes with a plethora of problems. 

The movement is 60 years old, loud, and runs at about 200+ seconds daily. Additionally, winding the movement requires Caution and accurately setting the time is difficult due to the hands jumping around the Dial if the crown isn't handled delicately. To say nothing of the virtually non-existent water resistance or Hacking.


And yet, despite all of these shortcomings, I am in Love!  

Aye, it isn't a perfect watch nor is it suitable for every occasion. But it does have the most important thing of all: Character! To me, it is simply a stunning watch. Nearly thrice my age, the 36mm Watch now perfectly sits on my slender wrist whenever the occasion calls for a dress-up.


And what fun it was to read up and learn about Mauthe, apparently one of the oldest Germans Clockmakers of horology. 

Yes, there is dust on the dial from when the last fellow that wore it exchanged the acrylic Crystal for a new one. And Yes, there is a tiny bit of rust on the Hands. But it is this precisely what intrigues me: this Watch has history, an untold story that I have inherited with it.

Spending my money on this watch wasn't rational when comparing the cost of potentially getting it fixed, cleaned, dusted and replacing the crystal to buying a newer and technically better watch.


But it has taught me to value a Watch despite its flaws, has introduced me to the under-appreciated world of Dress Watches and shown me that 36mm is a perfect size for me.

It has done the one thing we all want a watch to do for us when we buy it: Further ignited my passion for Watches. I am far from disappointed, and more interested in Vintage watches now than ever. 

What was your first Vintage Watch, and were you as delighted as I am? Or did the Cons of vintage always keep you sceptical? What is your favourite Vintage watch today? 

Highly interested in your responses fellow WC Peeps!