If you were going to buy a pre-owned watch, where would you buy one from?

Little YouTube research.
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eBay鈥檚 is the easiest to buy from, but ultimately research on all and try to buy off platform where possible.

Chrono24 for "normal" watches, say a Tudor BB58 and under. AD for anything above that, or a very reputable grey market dealer like Watchfinder or Watchbox that certifies their sales and offers solid customer support.

Tourneau because they service their watches completely and they come with a 2 year warranty.

Pretty much my whole watch hobby has been from eBay for 20+ years.

Only other platform I use is swaps on Facebook forums.

I鈥檝e always had good experiences with Chrono and of course a lot of reputable gray dealers and professional sellers use them, so you can always do some research about who is actually behind a post. As with anything on the internet just do your homework and use common sense and you鈥檒l be fine.

I will buy used from private sellers whom I trust.

I've mostly used eBay, but bought my SMP300 via Chrono24. Both have been excellent, but like other folks have said, you need to do research and vet vendors before buying.

Watchfinder because I would need to see and handle the piece in person before purchasing.

ebay/chrono24 for most

reputable dealer like Bobs Watches for commonly faked watches

It depends - Watchfinder for most high end, Chrono24 for more niche brands less common in US, and eBay for more affordable pieces.