I've wanted an old-timer military WW1 trench style quartz watch and got it in the Timex Marlin in a 38mm stainless steel gold-colored case with a cream color dial, at 42.4mm wide with an onion crown, and 19mm fixed lugs it is 43.5 long lug to lug. Weighs in at 53 grams and is 13mm thick (16 when u factor in the bund strap layers) and its looking great. The bund strap is comfy and suprisingly supple. Timex keeps winning in my eyes (and wrist) plus a lume filled with their Indiglo technology. I may get a single pass nato with some orange color on it, but we'll do so when I'm tired of this stock bund strap. Until then its on Ashford for cheap if u want one, too. Enjoy.