Time & Tide new Zenith Defy Skyline Skeleton Night Surfer

The new limited edition looks similar with some nice upgrades. Cost around $12k. There are only 200 so likely sells out quick: Thoughts?

I don鈥檛 like skeletons. YMMV.

I love skeleton watches but for some reason i don鈥檛 care for that one especially for $12k

It is obviously exquisitely crafted and everything, but for me there is a line where a watch stops being a watch and becomes jewlery, maybe in my eyes anyway this has crossed it.

Was super into it at first blush: Ti! Cool 10 sec subdial! Lumed bridges!

But looking closer鈥

Indices shrank! Too small, now are less visible.

Skinny hands with black polish sides blend in with lumed bridges - so legibility again is reduced

Still cool, but turned off by those points.

the OG night surfer had a cool skeleton date wheel and excellent legibility despite being a skeleton鈥 liked that release better