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What are your watch strap recommendations?

As the title suggests, do any of you have recommendations for watch straps? I want to both add more straps in general, as well as specifically find a...

And here I thought chipping my bezel/crystal would be the worst I ever do

Looks like it is game over for this chrono. Movement still works so maybe I'll try a bit of fun, but i was kinda shocked when the indices fell off aft...

An old friend (and a cry for help)

Aftergoing missing a year ago, I have been found my old gshock. Whilst admittedly no longer something I need to wear on a daily basis, it's nice to ha...

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Tyrone2714 commented on My first watch storage box & SOTC ·

That geckota looks dope

Tyrone2714 commented on What is your “beater” watch? ·

"Irrational fears of being judged in public for wearing something branded with invicta"

Most don't know what brand of watch you wear, nor care, and neither should you

Tyrone2714 commented on Thoughts on a first diver for the collection. These are my favs within my price range. ·

I can vouch for invicta pro diver as a great affordable diver. Wise ad8 is the most attractive one I've seen so far. Loads of vids like from bwc that show awesome divers too

Tyrone2714 commented on Seeking your grail? Bound to fail. ·

I'm actually not sure if ive found my grail or not. So far my casio and wise are so perfect that even far more luxurious pieces haven't interested me as I'm happy to stop where I am.

But I always though the idea of a grail was a watch you would pine for but never be able to obtain? Guess it just depends on how you define grail

Tyrone2714 commented on a post ·

Controversial but I hate bracelets. They look great but are so blingy and heavy that I almost never wear them.

It speaks volumes that this casio is my only bracelet watch, sure it isn't the highest quality, and the clasp is far from great, but it is so comfortable and looks so good

Tyrone2714 commented on What are your watch strap recommendations? ·

I adore barton, 3 of my watches are on barton straps.

However, their leather has no taper (unlike their rubber) which makes the Orient feel a bit beefy (it's on a barton in the pic, looks great too)

Tyrone2714 commented on Seiko 5 GMT Vs San Martin GMT. ·

Haha fair, but they do have plenty of no date watches. I like dates and cyclopses so if doesn't bother me nearly at much

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What controversial take do you have regarding watches, the industry, community etc?

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Good lord what a difference!

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In love with my Wise AD7

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How does finishing on a bronze watch affect patina?

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