This cheap watch is quickly becoming one of my favorites.

We’ve all heard the old saying never judge a book by its cover. But before I tell you why I believe that’s true for this watch let start from the beginning. A good friend of mine who’s not into watches told me about this site called Temu it’s sought like an Aliexpress but with lesser known watch brands. At first I had put it off because I wasn’t 100% sure of its authenticity but I took my chances by placing a couple small orders and it was legit. So naturally I started searching for watches after, about 20+ minutes I came across this brand named Denvosi a brand I never heard of till now. This is where that Don’t judge a book by its cover comes in sought of. Of course their are a few pros and cons.

First the pros

Complete Calendar




Sun/Moon aka (24)

Pulsations Scale

Lume on hands

Resist pushers

Leather strap



Thick case around 15mm

44.5mm case size

Mineral Crystal

Snap on Caseback

No real water resistance probably around 30m?

Mystery Movement probably a Seagull? Not to sure.

Stainless Steel Caseback

Chrome plated case probably brass?

Now as I mentioned above it comes on a leather strap but I decided to switch it for a genuine Alligator one instead.

Ok so what are my thoughts? If someone were to ask me, for a suggestion for a complete calendar watch under $100 no under $50.00 this would be it. I paid $46.51 with a sale price regular price is around $113.00 before any discounts. But like Invicta I’m guessing the retail is more like $75.00 give or take $10.00.

Add another $53 for the strap total $99.51. So for less than $100 usd this is a steal. In conclusion yes I do recommend this watch even if it’s not a brand most heard of. Ok onto the pics


That’s a pretty amazing watch for that price. I have no idea how watches like this are made and sold for less than $100. Even with knockoff parts and cheap labor, it seems like a mechanical watch would have to cost more.


Nothing wrong with that. I’ll admit I wasn’t sure what I was going into.