Favorite type of dial font.

Just curious what’s everyone’s favorite dial is?


1) No indices

2) Stick

3) Arabic

4) Roman

5) Diver

6) California

7) Panerai

8) Kon Tiki

9) Flieger Type A

10) Flieger Type B

11) Mixed Arabic and Sticks

12) Mixed Roman and Sticks


Love Roman numerals but I think they're a little too extra unless its a classy piece


None of the above? I like all of them to one degree or another. Different dials work for different styles of timepiece.




Diver with 3,6,9 a close second! I guess it would be Panerai on this chart.


Arabic is best. Roman can be fun on the right piece.


Stick or mixed, but I like having some variety really.


From a legibility POV, in general I prefer stick indices. I want Arabic on any field-type watch. From a purely aesthetic POV, I always have to pause and admire when I see a watch with Breguet numerals...


If I indeed would be limited to only one style: definitely stick. Makes for the cleanest dial, whilst still retaining function and aesthetics. Roman therefore least preferred.


I've a pathological hatered for round lume. Odd I know, but I just find them visually irritating.


If flieger is distinctive enough to be delineated from arabic then shouldn't field-style 12/24 be as well? Just a thought.

By number owned stick is my preference, but by aesthetics alone I really dig KonTiki style.


Arabic or mixed! I’ve sloooowly been coming around on CA dials.