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7.25โ€ / 18.42 cm Wrist
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Nivada Grenchen quality?

I think the looks and the history of the Nivada Grenchen Super Antarctica are pretty cool. I canโ€™t seem to find any thorough reviews about their movem...

Steel or Bronze

A lot of watches are coming out with bronze versions. One simple question. Why?

Traveling- take quality or a beater?

In spring 2024 I will be traveling in Europe. The question I have is, should I bring one of my better watches or a beater? I was even considering buyi...

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commented on This is my late fathers watch that started this whole journey. Is there a single watch that started your love for incredible timepieces??? ยท

I wore this watch as a kid, it was my dadโ€™s and he almost never wore it. My brother has it now (long story), but it started my interest in watches over 40 years ago.

commented on watch_Fanatic's WRUW ยท

Orange strap is very cool! Nice to hear the Invicta is going strong.

commented on Traveling- take quality or a beater? ยท

Going to Germany, Italy, and Switzerland. I will be chaperoning 35 high school students on a tour. Hoping to watch shop in Lucerne.

commented on Traveling- take quality or a beater? ยท

Right now I will be looking for a Longines Spirit or Longines Master Moonphase

commented on New Hamilton ยท

Just got this a couple weeks back. Nivada Grenchen was the runner up!

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