At what price point does value end and overpriced begin for you?

Although I realize it can be very watch specific, I’m curious, if you could generalize, at what price point does value end for you and overpriced begin? For me, it’s around $4,000 USD. Beyond that I have a hard time seeing the quality differences to justify the price. What about for you?


Law of diminishing returns..

Im around the £4000 mark too, but that would change if my job paid better 😜🖖🏻


If purchase history is the data that best demonstrates where my level is I'd say that £5,000 is the point where I really start to question whether I want to spend more.

I have paid more than this sum for watches but it has to be a watch that I've given a fair bit of consideration prior to making the purchase. When I do consider something at a higher figure I do start to take residual values into consideration. I do so only because I know how fickle my mind can be over a watch. What was perfect last week may not be so in 2 years time. Vice versa, what my love of a watch can grow hugely over time.

I hate to factor economics into the decision to purchase but the watches I have in the 2.5k - 5k price range are all of a quality I'm more than happy with. Like you say I find it hard also to discern the added value on a watch at 8k when comparing it to one at 4k in most cases.


One dollar. In all seriousness there is a sliding scale based on a number of factors; Movement, materials, bracelet; craftsmanship (machine made or human), etc. A friend just shared with me a $600 watch he was interested in. I let him know it was a nice watch, but it was also worth about $250. In that case the watch was over priced.

On the flip side I recently picked up a watch that has a SW-300 movement, the dial took days to make by hand and the rest of the watch was completely hand assembled by a one person shop. One can get a quality watch with an SW-300 for probably a grand, but was this one worth a multiplier of that? Yep.

All to say, there isn’t a magic price point. Surpassingly there are $10k+ watches that are an absolute bargain and $200 watches that are grossly overpriced.

Edit, if it is an exercise in how much one is willing to spend, that’s a different question to me. Once it hits five figures, it becomes more of a budgetary decision.


For me it's about $2000-2500. I know there are improvements above that price level, but for me they are not worth the cost.


It seems to be a 'sliding scale' based on the piece I am looking at. But my average is between 5-6k USD. Enjoy the hobby..


I don’t look at it this way. It’s piece specific. You can get great value from a $75k A. Lange & Sohne and no value from a $4k Bell and Ross or Bremont. It all depends on what you want in a watch.