SOTC: This will be full after my AnOrdain slot . . . And then?

My modest collection will be nearly done in a few short years (I play the long game and have been pretty insane with my logic about what goes into my collection and when) with the exception of a 50th birthday exit watch (or final promotion or major deal whichever comes first) to complete my 6 + 1 collection. It was always going to be that and looking ahead I鈥檓 pretty happy with that. More $ on trips, buying my dog ridiculous shit, and maybe exploring other hobbies. I鈥檒l of course still be into watches but in other ways鈥攎aybe clocks, maybe vintage ads and boutique displays, straps etc. In getting here to this spread I def bought into some watches that had a lot of hype and made some mistakes . . . Not pictured is my Moonswatch Pluto which I treat more like shelf decor. I wanted to like Kurono after multiple tries but something was missing (and I don鈥檛 have Asaoka proper money). And I've settled with the fact that Omega just isn't for me but respect the brand for the most part.

Shown are:

  • Giuliano Mazzuoli Manometro

  • Nomos Club 36 (Nomos Watch Club Special Edition)

  • Oris Big Crown Bronze 80th Anniversary Edition

  • Grand Seiko SBGA413 Shunbun

The remaining slots in the box will go to:

a JLC Reverso Duoface medium (depending on prices and discounts I may or may not go for an earlier model) . . . Likely within the year . . . but my wife also suggested making a trip of it for this purchase, so maybe new . . . seems like I got the go ahead, so . . . still, JLC prices oof.

An Anordain (2027 build slot) . . . There are rumors of a moonphase, so we shall see.

As for the + 1? My dream maybe list includes:

  • Zenith Chronomaster Original Triple Calendar Moonphase

  • Trilobe Brume

  • Glashutte Original Panomatic Lunar or Reserve

  • Maybe something else unconventional like an Armin Strom

  • In any case likely a black/gray or blue watch (depending on whatever AnOrdain I end up getting).

As you might note, I care not for divers. Just don鈥檛 like that aesthetic nor would it be useful on me for my life. And note that I鈥檓 mostly going for unconventional for this last watch (with the exception of including the Zenith on the list . . . Which is maybe too busy for me in any case). Other suggestions for that final one to add to my list for research and trying on purposes? As noted earlier, I've got some time to make that decision and waffle about and make sure what I ultimately choose is something I can't stop thinking about. I get the feeling that a lot of people will say Zenith b/c it's a chrono and I don't have a chrono etc. etc. (the usual reasons) . . . and I get that reasoning . . . but I think there's an equal argument for going independent and daring (and I'm def not a check the boxes sort of collector).


Awesome Manometro! I love their look, especially the chrono version. Great looking collection. Love the thought of a Trilobe. In the chrono vein how about a Habrig2 with his split second movement?

I haven't seen a Giuliano Mazzuoli on here yet! Looks incredible! I've been eyeing a few of that model for a while now. Thanks for sharing.

You sure do have a lot of discipline in your collecting. So admirable. 馃ぉ


I haven't seen a Giuliano Mazzuoli on here yet! Looks incredible! I've been eyeing a few of that model for a while now. Thanks for sharing.

I got it in Florence from a school friend of his who owns a boutique. I might get it engraved at some pt. Mazzuoli shared some options that he did for Russell Crowe when I inquired (his famous Gladiator quote on the side . . . "My name is Maximus Decimus Meridius, commander of the Armies of the North, General of the Felix Legions and loyal servant to the TRUE emperor, Marcus Aurelius." haha.)

Big fan of the focus. Armin Strom for the +1 is a really good shout